Cyprus is an island located in the northeastern part of the Eastern Mediterranean and is the third largest Mediterranean island after Sicily and Sardinia. It has a maximum length of 225 km and 94 kilometers width. The total length of its coastline is 782 kilometers.

The closest country to Cyprus is Turkey (Asia Minor). Greece, to the northwest, is the closest to Cyprus European country. Geographically, Cyprus is dominant in the eastern Mediterranean which impacted heavily on the course of history and culture in general.

The main features of the position of Cyprus are:

  • Cyprus is situated in the middle of the ancient world (Syria, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Greece and Crete). For this reason the island accepted many different cultures. So it is not surprising that Cyprus has experienced a very ancient culture.
  • The geographical position of Cyprus between the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa helps the island to develop trade and tourism relations with countries in these continents.
  • The Suez Canal is a short distance on the southern coast of Cyprus.
  • The oil-producing Middle East countries are very close in Cyprus and the movement of oil, this valuable form of energy to Europe is done through the Suez Canal or through pipelines leading to the coastal cities of Lebanon, Syria and Turkey which are within walking distance to the east of Cyprus.
  • The Black Sea Motorway - Bosporus-Dardanelles-Marmara-Aegean-Mediterranean region is a short distance north of Cyprus. This helped a lot the spread of Greek culture and the development of Greek commerce.

The geographical position of Cyprus is the main reason that the island was occupied at times by various conquerors left their stamp on the Cyprus landscape. England, which in other areas lost bases, still keeps in Cyprus two major military bases and many rights.

Also in 1974 the Turks invaded the island and placed under their sovereignty to 38.5% of the territory of the Republic.

Geographically and historically Cyprus is an integral part of Europe.